"... On the feast of St. John the Evangelist, we arrived at the ordu of the great lord" - Prester John, the Mongols and William of Rubruck's Journey to Karakorum

"Our Lord Christ spoke of this anguish and dread" - Dostoevsky's Descent into the House of the Dead

Prelude to the Battle of St Vincent - Nelson's Action of 19 December 1796

“A brave black man is Molineaux” – British boxing, the Black Ajax and foul play at a championship fight

"O Quam Misericors est Deus, Pius et Justus" - The Order of the Dragon, Crusaders and Vampire Tales from the Blue Danube

More than just a beard - Sir Anthony van Dyck

"Of all the unlucky vessels..." -The Ghost Ship "Mary Celeste"