"I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music." - Joan Miró's 120th birthday in 2013

“For me an object is something living. This cigarette or this box of matches contains a secret life much more intense than that of certain human beings.”  (Joan Miró)

20 April 1893: Today, 120 years ago, the Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramicist Joan Miró was born in Barcelona.

Mirò died in 1983 and his work ist still copyrighted, thus you'll find a photograph of his last great sculpture below, "Dona i Ocell" ("Woman and Bird", 1982), installed in a specifically built park in Barcelona near the Plaça d'Espanya.

Chiefly known as a painter - André Breton called him the "most surrealistic of us all", Miró gave the world a lesson in colour, not only on the canvas, but with illustrations and sculptures as well.

Sometimes naive flowing into weird... surrealistic visions but never approaching the more sombre points his contemporaries were forced to work up in their art, Miró's sujet acts as a counterdraft to the horrors of the 20th century.

Thus, Miró's works fascinate with their intensity of colour and form and because of that they might be the alternative to a grimmer perception of reality, a surreal manifesto, not written on the barricades but in contemplation.

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