“Liberty and love These two I must have." Petőfi Sándor's 190th birthday in 2013

“Liberty and love
These two I must have.
For my love I’ll sacrifice
My life.
For liberty I’ll sacrifice
My love.”
1 January 1823, Petőfi Sándor was born in Kiskörös, Hungary.

János Thorma (1870 - 1937): "Rise up, Hungarian!"

Considered the Hungarian national poet, Petőfi wrote poetry in the tradition of Shelley, Heinrich Heine and, as befitting for a poet engagé, Byron - like so many other European poets during the endless national uprisings and full-fledged revolutions of the 19th century. Petőfi took it literally and joined Hungary's Revolutionary Army during the country's attempt to break free from Habsburg's rule in 1848 - he fell in battle a year later.

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