"... our first armourclad ship of war, would cause a fundamental change" - HMS Warrior

The Russian painter and scene- and costume designer Léon Bakst

“This is the splendor of the great Costanza" - “the wonder of the world”, Emperor Frederick II is born in Iesy

The birth of the sun god Sol Invictus

"All quiet on the Western Front" - The Christmas Truce of 1914

“All, that which gains immortal life in song" - the Polish-Lithuanian freedom fighter Emilia Plater

“These anomalous forms may almost be called living fossils" - Majorie Courtenay-Latimer and the Coelacanth

“… many men both saw and heard a great number of huntsmen hunting." Winter Solstice

David Schwarz and the idea of the all-metal aerostat