"Trumpety-trump / Trump, trump, trump” - The “Elephant Hunt of Murten”

"Per aspera ad astra!" - "That was not verified at Fehrbellin.“

"Now, boys, now for the honour of England" - How King George II became the last British monarch to personally lead an army in Battle

Charles Algernon Parsons’ turbine-powered PR stunt: The "Turbinia" at the Spithead Navy Review in 1897

The Death of Charles Ogier de Batz de Castelmore, Comte d'Artagnan in Battle

Marcus Pomponius, the praetor, declares, "We have been defeated in a great battle;" Hannibal's victory at Lake Trasimene near Perugia in 217 BCE

"The whole world is coming battling here." - even the faint-hearted in the Crusade of 1101

The 2,230th Anniversary of the Battle of Raphia in 2013

The Conquest of the Vandal Kingdom in North Africa

“Now I shall go far and far into the North playing the Great Game.“ - the Execution of Colonel Charles Stoddart and Captain Arthur Conolly as spies in Bukhara in 1842

“It was the day I made Jim a man” - Bloomsday

The Death of one "worthy of being called masters of prose." Giacomo Leopardi

"The school of the strategy of two heavens as one" - on the Death of the Swordmaster Miyamoto Musashi

“When Emperor Redbeard with his band / Came marching through the Holy Land” - Frederick I's death during the Third Crusade