A Dino-Lover's Dream - 1853's New Year's Eve Dinner in Crystal Palace Park

The Polyphonous "Prophet of British Imperialism” Rudyard Kipling

The Apprehension of the “Blood Countess“ Elisabeth Báthory for Mass Murder in 1610

"Sand, sand, All that is built by the hand of man!” - the Tay Bridge disaster in 1879

"The most important event in my life " - Charles Darwin and HMS "Beagle's" Second Voyage

A Heritage of Imagery of the Old West - Frederic Remington

The Wild Hunt

“No European nation of our day has such an epic as Pan Tadeusz" - On Adam Mickiewicz's Birthday in 1798

"He has brought back alive the proud and free characters of these chiefs, both their nobility and manliness." - George Catlin